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Welcome to our web site.

Our goal is to help you access information about Kentucky's Budget office and the documents we prepare. This site contains both past and present Budgets of the Commonwealth, Executive Budget Recommendations and much more budget-related material. Please follow the Publications link on the left to find current information or select the Archives link to find past budget information. Use the Contact Us link to let us know what you think of this site.

Recent Publications

2014-2016 Executive Budget Recommendation

Budget In Brief (PDF Format - 3,827 KB)

Operating Budget - Volume I (Part A) (PDF Format 957 KB)

  • General Government
  • Economic Development
  • Department of Education
  • Education and Workforce Development

Operating Budget - Volume I (Part B) (PDF Format 1,114 KB)

  • Energy and Environment
  • Finance and Administration
  • Health and Family Services
  • Justice and Public Safety

Operating Budget - Volume I (Part C) (PDF Format 748 KB)

  • Labor
  • Personnel
  • Postsecondary Education
  • Public Protection

Operating Budget - Volume I (Part D) (PDF Format 699 KB)

  • Tourism, Arts and Heritage
  • Transportation
  • Budget Reserve Trust Fund

Capital Budget - Volume II (PDF Format 3,446 KB)

Historical Data (PDF Format 3,527 KB)


Presentation to House Appropriations and Revenue Committee - January 28, 2014 - Presented by Budget Director Jane C. Driskell and Deputy Directors John Hicks, Kevin Cardwell and Greg Harkenrider

FY 13 Year End Financial Report Presentation to Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue - August 22, 2013 - Presented by Budget Director Jane C. Driskell and Deputy Directors John Hicks and Greg Harkenrider

Tax Receipts for March 2014

Second Quarter Economic and Revenue Report  - Budget Fiscal Year 2014

Most Recent Economic Indicators December 2012


Budget System Users Page

Following this link for Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Execution Documentation and Fiscal Year 2012-2014 Biennial Budget Request Documentation  - KBUD


Related Content

Publications are provided in Adobe Acrobat's  Portable Document Format and will require a PDF file viewer such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view and/or print the documents.

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